Nielsen Adds More Business For Total Audience Measurement

Nielsen continues to have steady growth adding new business for its Total Audience Measurement efforts -- as well as adding broader clients list for its Watch and Buy businesses.

Revenues slipped 0.6% to $1.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 due to the foreign currency exchange rate -- but were up 5.6% with that impact.

Nielsen's Buy unit -- its market data business for advertisers -- was down 3.2% to $879 million, up 5.9% without currency issues. Nielsen says “emerging markets” revenue for the business climbed 8.4%.

Nielsen Watch segment -- its traditional media and digital media measuring business -- was 2.8% higher, and 5.2% more sans currency impact, to $745 million.

Audience Measurement of Video and Text gained 7.6%, due to additional business for the company’s Total Audience Measurement series. This includes Digital Ad and Digital Content Ratings.



Total Audience Measurement will track any video view, on every platform and format -- as well as how many people see the advertising, whether those ads appear in a linear stream or are dynamically inserted into programs.

Nielsen audio business declined 6.9%, while its Marketing Effectiveness business-- the marketing ROI, enterprise marketing platform -- grew 31.3%.

Overall, Nielsen net income grew 61% to $254 million -- 84.1% on a constant currency basis.

Todd Juenger, senior media analyst at Bernstein Research, says Nielsen’s financial results were overly positive:  “We don't know what holes the bears could possibly poke in this report... We believe Total Audience -- and the very likely prospect that the industry will, soon, signal movement to a new currency, which will be provided by Nielsen -- will significantly alleviate that concern.”

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