Agency's 'Valentine's Day Card Generator' Gives the Finger But Hasn't Lost The Agency Any Clients

It's almost like the run-up to Christmas when every agency gets to show off its creativity without the hindrance of those pesky clients. Yeah, it's Valentine's Day -- and just yesterday I shared with you how a Canadian agency had a field day with racy double entendres. Today, we've got "Your Lazy Marketer's Valentine's Day Card” from Wpromote.

As the agency describes it, the work is a combination of business cliches and Valentine's Day cliches. Wait, what? Isn't that the same as yesterday's double entendre thing from that Canadian agency? Well, um, yeah. Hey, when an obvious idea is staring you in the face you might as well go for it!

And so thanks to Wpromote, you can head over to their Valentine Generator and whip up your own "jargon-filled e-card for your friends, clients, vendors or your office crush. 



How awesome is this little stunt? Well, according to Wpromote marketing Manager Roxanne Turner, not bad. She said, "I used the Lazy Marketer's Valentine's Day Card Generator and my clients didn't even quit all of their services with us."

Hmm. Must be pretty awesome. 

As an example, they sent one over to me which read: "Hey, Run this up your flagpole, pal." It was accompanied with an image of an angry-looking heart giving me the finger.


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