Dieste Wants Interns To BS Their Way Into An Internship

Omnicom multicultural agency Dieste is out with an amusing internship recruitment video that takes the form of a robotic voice espousing the many ways potential interns can BS their way into an internship with the agency. 

BS, of course, comes from Be InternS, which by the end of the video the robotic narrator mundanely notes and funny haha creative.  
Of the stunt, Dieste Chief Creative Officer, sounding very much like Richard Dreyfuss in Apple's Think Different, said: “We want to reach out to the young and talented, those free-spirited ad students who speak up, the ones who are not afraid of calling out BS and rather help us break the mold of the traditional ad agency. Our industry still suffers with the BS stigma and honestly we all know why. But instead of fighting it, we decided to embrace it by making fun of it in a provocative and creative way. It is a way to attract young talent, curious and open-minded students. We want to encourage them to ‘call out’ the BS and really reward those who go the extra mile by stepping outside of their cliché comfort zone.” 

Those interested can head over to the agency's Facebook page between March 14 and April 1 and share their best work right there on the agency's Facebook Wall

The campaign is hashtagged #BSDieste and is supported by a campaign-specific landing page where prospective interns can glean all the information they need.


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