Local TV Advertisers Confirm "Excellent" ROI

According to a new nation-wide survey from Viamedia, gauging perceptions of local cable TV advertisers emerging media trends for 2016, 50% of the respondents have implemented mobile advertising to complement their local cable TV ad buys, and another 30% are considering including mobile advertising in 2016. Of special note, says the report, 85% of all advertisers confirmed their latest local cable TV ad campaign provided an excellent return on their investment.



Becky Jones, SVP Marketing & Research, Viamedia, says “… while there’s no substitute for local cable TV advertising… study findings suggest a steady shift toward the inclusion of digital and mobile in ad buys…  (and a) diversifying mix of TV and digital ad spending… ”

The survey also revealed:

  • 71% of advertisers use online advertising as a way to complement their local TV ad buys
  • 67% of advertisers plan to increase or maintain their local cable TV ad spend this year
  • 61% advertise on local cable TV on a weekly or monthly basis, and 80% of respondents advertised on local cable TV within the past 3 months
  • 53% of advertisers are able to quantify their advertising results on local cable TV
  • 64% of advertisers have never cancelled a local cable TV spot; the most common reason for cancelling a spot is budget cuts
  • 39% of advertisers believe that local cable TV is very and/or significantly important for their plans over the next 12 months, while another 33% feel that local cable TV holds the same level of importance as the year before

Of the advertisers surveyed, 46% were from companies with 1 – 10 employees; 19% were from companies with 11 – 25 employees; 9% had 25 – 50 employees; 23% had more than 50 employees and 3% did not disclose

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