Data Shows Pinterest Cinematic Pins' Brand-Boosting Effect

As part of a broader moneymaking push, Pinterest debuted Cinematic Pins last summer. They’re video-based Promoted Pins that users can control by scrolling up and down their mobile devices, and Pinterest swore that they’d produce big results for brand partners.

A year later, it looks as if Pinterest kept its promise, according to some new data from Millward Brown.

Helping L’Oreal Paris to launch True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator, the research firm found that a mix of standard Promoted Pins and Cinematic Pins increased aided awareness by 21.3%, raised purchase intent by 30.9% and improved message association (“I can use it to highlight my key features”) by 31.2%.

While both ad types performed well, Cinematic Pins showed an especially high increase in brand metrics, specifically awareness -- which Cinematic moved by 30.7% -- and purchase intent, which increased by 37.2%.

Video made the magic possible, according to Amy Whang, vice president of cosmetics at L’Oreal Paris.

“Because this was a new product category for us, we wanted to elevate our typical launch strategy and actually show how the Lumi Glow Highlighter can accentuate our customer’s best features,” Whang said.

Meanwhile, A Reese's campaign using Cinematic Pins appears to have had similar success. People who saw the video-based Pins indicated they would be 25% more “likely to buy Reese’s products in the next 30 days” compared to those who did not see a Promoted Pin.

Promoted Pins drove interest and increased already high brand favorability for Reese’s products. In fact, Millward Brown found an 11% increase in the number of people who agreed with the statement “Reese’s is fun to eat.”

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