Cyberpost Raises $1.5 Million To Grow Virtual Mail, Video Marketing

Cyberpost, a video and virtual mail firm, announced that it has received $1.5 million in funding from a group of unspecified private investors. The new funds will be used to grow the company and the technology, and for marketing purposes.

Cyberpost is an opt-in marketing system that allows users to control the kinds of offers and promotions they receive, based on product or geographical location. Virtual mailboxes are a service that links a physical location to an email address.

Consumers can download the Cyberpost app to choose what kinds of offers they’d like to receive.

Basically, users receive an email notification when a package has been delivered, and can manage their mail remotely. But there are also marketing opportunities for virtual mailboxes.

“Cyberpost is not an email-based or email marketing system,” states Cyberpost co-founder Ernie Loch. “Most online marketing campaigns are often not well targeted. So we’ve created a model that combines the virtual convenience and multimedia capabilities of online marketing, with a much more targeted way to deliver timely offers directly to consumers based on physical addresses.”

Brands and marketers can target users based on physical address and deliver specific messaging based on the industry they represent. For instance, a musician could include links to videos or concert tickets in an email to a defined audience, or a new movie could include a trailer.

Companies marketing through the service don’t have access to individual users’ physical addresses, but they can see how many users in a specific ZIP code have opted in to receive messages from them.

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