How Mobile Marketers Win

Among mobile marketers, what is separating the winners from the losers?

Well, top mobile teams are nearly 200% more likely to use deep links that drive users to directly download their apps, according to the latest State of Marketing report from Salesforce.

Additionally, high performers are also 1.8 times more likely to align their mobile campaigns to email campaigns, which maximizes the cross-promotion opportunities between channels.

More broadly, mobile is booming, the report shows. From 2015 to 2016, mobile push notifications increased 145%, Salesforce found.

With 98% growth in mobile app usage and 111% growth in SMS usage, a majority of marketers are now using these mobile tactics to engage customers.

Even more impressive, the percentage of marketers who are realizing a return on their mobile investment jumped 147%, year-over-year.

What explains this precipitous mobile growth?

For starters, 79% of marketing leaders now agree that mobile marketing -- inclusive of SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, or location-based functionality -- is core to their business.

Among this group, 50% say it’s directly linked to their business’ primary revenue source.

What’s more, another 77% now say mobile generates ROI -- compared to only 31% of marketers who agreed with this statement last year.

For the first time, meanwhile, this year’s survey -- encompassing around 4,000 marketers around the globe -- also asked marketers about multimedia messaging services (MMS) and mobile app inboxes.

For MMS, 52% of marketers are currently using, and another 17% plan to pilot this year. For the newer mobile app inbox, 47% are currently using, and another 19% will pilot.

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