Marketing's Math Personalization: What about emotional math?

Marketing personalization is still in grade school.

Speaking at OMMA San Francisco, Cory Treffiletti, vp of marketing of Oracle Data Cloud said marketing personalization is too basic right now:  “What we are doing right now is formulaic -- if you show up here and here, I’ll show you this.”

Treffiletti says marketing personalization success will come from a emotional connection: “We have to get personalization on an emotional level... We have to figure out a formula behind the delivery of a message across multiple channels. We have to find the emotional resonance.”

He adds: “It’s not personalizing an ad to make sure it has a red Audi or a white Audi. It’s about ‘Why do you want a luxury car in first place? Is it a sense of pride or emotional impact?'”

Treffiletti says this transformation will be interesting to watch over the next couple of years.  Right now, personalization is like a basic math equation: “It’s like second grade math.” But the math working with data to create emotional resonance, that "is where advertising starts to rock again.”

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