Former Googler, AdMeld Founder, Takes Search Know-How To MightyTV

A former Googler has launched a way to search and find content to watch and stream with just a few swipes. The new entertainment app, called MightyTV, is spearheaded by Brian Adams,  founder, AdMeld, which Google acquired for $400 million in 2011, focuses on personalization.

MightyTV, an iOS app available on iTunes, is a video discovery tool that uses machine learning to provide a personalized lists of television and movies content with recommendations on what the user is most likely to enjoy watching with others. The idea sounds like a bit of a twist on recommendation engines.

"We wanted to give personalization to cord cutters," Adams said.

One thing is certain -- Adams will continue to use the knowledge he gained from building AdMeld into a top advertising optimization platform that provides online publishers with technology and expertise to sell their ad inventory.



Adams told SearchBlog that a mashup feature combines preferences from multiple user profiles, so it provides a list of movies the platform recommends based on multiple preferences from friends. It combines a history of previously watched movies and content from more than one profile and makes recommendations.  

"Group discovery is a much larger challenge," he said.

Using a Tinder-like swipe, users quickly file movies into the like, super like, and dislike categories. The app uses algorithms to recognize patterns and instantly recommends a new movie based on your taste with every move made.

The app also provides trending data among friends, showing what they viewed. Users can search by genre, as well as titles, and actor's and director's names.

Setting like the ability to eliminate watch-options from paid subscription sites they don't use, and set price limits on how much they're willing to pay to watch a movie.

There are more than 30,000 video collections available, many of which are available as original content from Amazon, and Yahoo. 

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