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Rainbow Light Launches Eco Effort

Rainbow Light multivitamin brand is launching an environmental health campaign in response to the toll plastics are taking on the ocean.

In less than nine years, there will be one ton of plastic for every three tons of ocean fish, according to the 5 Gyres Institute, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to design and policy change.

The campaign includes a video on the ocean plastic crisis and a microsite to provide free sourcing and operational information on Rainbow Light's trademarked EcoGuard 100% recycled bottles to help other environmentally conscious companies evaluate sustainable packaging options.

The video concept and direction was created in connection with Skycastle Media and produced by Jessen Films, and the microsite was developed by Rainbow Light’s agency of record, DHX, Portland.



The 18-month campaign also will feature podcasts on ocean health on Rainbow Light’s Transformational Wellness Network, and the brand will host consumer training events at select natural retailers, says Tracy Oliver, Rainbow Light’s director of corporate communications and partnerships.

“The Path to EcoGuard video is the first in a series,” Oliver tells Marketing Daily. “The second video will deal with the brass tacks of converting to EcoGuard recycled materials for consumer packaging solutions. We’re concerned about creating lasting change.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise attention about the consumer packaged goods crisis and its impact on ocean health and consequently human health, Oliver says EcoGuard packaging is FDA-approved food grade, BPA-free recycled plastic and now helps Rainbow Light keep approximately 10 million plastic bottles from polluting waterways and natural habitats every year.

“In the process, of course, we hope to raise awareness for Rainbow Light, a company with a long history of corporate social responsibility and a mission to directly protect and improve the health of individuals, families and our global community,” Oliver says. “One of Rainbow Light’s pillars is to be a catalyst for positive change and that’s the impetus behind this campaign.”

Rainbow Light previously partnered with 5 Gyres, Whole Foods Markets and other environmentally conscious brands in a #BantheBead campaign that helped raise consumer awareness around plastic microbeads present in many conventional toothpastes and exfoliating products.

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