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Discovery Channel wants you to know more than you should. Mitsubishi wants you to see what happens. Coke gets carb-friendly. Welcome to highlights of ad campaigns launched recently.

Mitsubishi is at it again, revealing test data highlighting the all-new 2004 Mitsubishi Galant GTS's braking ability compared to the Honda Accord EX V6. "Chasm" is the second ad in the "See What Happens" marketing campaign created by Deutsch LA. The ad focuses on driving viewers to the campaign's website,, to find out how the commercial ends. The 30-second spot shows the Galant and Accord racing head-to-head across a partially constructed bridge leading to a long drop into the ocean. Both vehicles break at the same time as the end of the bridge approaches. The commercial then stops mid-action, directing viewers to for the conclusion.



The Discovery Channel has launched its "Know More Than You Should" branding campaign. Using sly humor, the power of surprise and a tongue-in-cheek attitude, the campaign highlights the balance of intelligence and entertainment in Discovery's programming and then turns the concepts upside down. The four spots highlight the unforeseen consequences of "knowing more than you should" about everything from time travel and teleportation to the nuances of telepathic cattle herding. Ads will run during network programs such as "The Today Show," "Dateline," "The Tonight Show," and "CSI," and cable channels such as ESPN, TBS, MTV, Spike TV, TNT, Comedy Central, and USA.

The Milk Processor Education Program, also known as MilkPEP, and Draft Chicago have developed Summer promotions touting the health and weight-loss benefits of milk. The "24/24 Milk your diet. Lose weight!" campaign represents research that suggests adding 24 ounces of lowfat or fat free milk everyday to a reduced-calorie diet provides calcium and protein to support healthy weight loss. Draft Chicago created the overall concept and developed all in-store and online promotions for this effort, running from June through August. Lowe created the advertising, which will run through 2004. Starting June 1, more than 12 million "24/24 Weight Loss Guides" will be distributed, inviting consumers across the country to milk their diets. The guide, free with any milk purchase, shares the science behind the weight-loss claim, and provides information on how to incorporate milk into a healthy lifestyle. The second wave of the promotion is the "Show Off With The Top Down" Sweepstakes that will give away 24 VW Beetle convertibles in 24 days during July and August.

Paul Schultz Advertising launched an anti-litter campaign combing sex appeal and trash (eek) to persuade people to stop littering. The campaign is targeting teenagers and young adults, a group identified as being most likely to litter. The ads are black and white pictures of attractive men and women covered with color images of trash on their faces, necks and shoulders. The tagline of the campaign is, "Litter makes us all look bad. Keep it clean." The ads will appear on bus stops and busses, and a radio campaign will follow.

Coca-Cola staged a homepage takeover this week for its newly launched beverage Coca-Cola C2. The brand was integrated deeply into the MSN Homepage -- not just via standard ad units, but into the channel bar, navigation, and background. On the homepage, viewers could learn more about the product, and watch C2's new commercial. All the creative work was done in-house by MSN.

Operation HOPE, along with major banks and media organizations, launched the Banking on Our Future - Call to Serve/Call to Action campaign to promote the importance of financial literacy education and call on volunteers to teach the youth how manage their financial futures. Clear Channel Outdoor, Premiere Radio Networks, and Viacom have joined with Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, and E*TRADE Financial, to name a few, to promote financial literacy throughout 2004. The campaign will rely on remnant media space availability, and consist of billboards, radio ads running in urban and mainstream markets throughout the country, and print ads running in local and national lifestyle and business publications. has joined forces with LUNA Bar to promote LUNA Moms Club, the means for women to get together, share experiences, and create balance in their lives. The Moms Club will be promoted via banner ads on the website and email newsletter, which reaches 40,000 weekly subscribers. LUNA Bar will support these clubs by providing: A manual on how to get started, along with tips and suggestions; Luna Moms Club postcards to help promote the club in her region; and fun promotional items for the club leaders, along with Luna samples for her and her members.

In website launches this week:

LeapFrog has redesigned websites for public radio station WXPN and its World Café program. WXPN, the University of Pennsylvania's public radio station, is home to World Café - public radio's "most popular program of popular music." The sites were redesigned due to the station's high volume of website traffic and online listenership. The sites feature an online World Café CD store, the capability for visitors to "listen live," register for electronic newsletter updates, and a Concert Calendar.

Just in time for vacation, SBI.Razorfish has redesigned an e-commerce site for Carnival Cruise Lines. users now have more comprehensive information about cruise options, more targeted content and promotions, and a streamlined reservations process that is integrated with offline channels. The site also boasts a content management system powered by a new technology infrastructure.

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