How Content Marketers Contend With Data Overload

How are content marketers managing all the data coming at them, these days? Very carefully, according to those gathered for OMMA’s Marketing Tech conference, on Wednesday.
“We are pulling a lot of the data we consider relevant [because] everything we work on has measurement baked in,” said Tom Hespos, Founder and Chief Media Officer at Underscore Marketing. “Data sets are part of what we do everyday.”

“Otherwise, [we’d be] at the mercy of what vendors user, or some other metric that doesn’t make sense,” Hespos added.

One problem is the number of distractions that marketers and clients constantly face, noted Mark Egan, Chief Client Officer at Maxus.

If brands took half of the time they spend chasing shining new objects and spent it making sense of the data they already have, they’d be much better off, Egan said. At the present moment, “it creates operational challenges for us.”

“We’ve got such a way to go in [making sense] of all this data,” Hespos added. “We need to solve this problem the way we solved it in the early days.” That means coming together as an industry and working on the problem together.

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