Android Pay Can Now Be Used On Mobile Sites, ATMs

Google is opening its Android Pay feature up to Web sites, per an announcement at the search giant’s annual I/O developer conference.

Android Pay and Apple Pay, much like the rest of the payments industry, have struggled to get people to pay consistently with their devices. However, the problems are being solved one by one, from clunky UX to more universal integrations.

One interesting incentive Google now offers is the ability to make transactions at ATMs using a device.

According to the company, about 1.5 million users set the payments service up on their phones every month. Most of those users are probably shopping in apps, but for those who still go through the mostly abhorrent payment process on the mobile Web, Android Pay is there for you.

The competition in the mobile payments industry has been heating up for several months—companies like Venmo are also starting to extend their payments capabilities to apps.

FitBit announced today that it is jumping into the payments space as well — though they won’t be incorporating their recent acquisition into their flagship product until next year.

As Android Pay extends its capabilities, it’s becoming a true digital wallet.



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