Meredith Local Taps SpotX To Centralize Video Sales Across U.S. Operations

Meredith Local Media Group said it tapped video inventory management platform SpotX to run sales of digital video ads across 13 news Websites.

Meredith chose SpotX’s ad server for its ability to increase inventory yield, analyze data on bids, opt-outs, fill rates and viewablity, while also streamlining operations, Caley Lewis, director of programmatic partnerships, stated. The analytics are helping Meredith understand how and where its advertisers are buying inventory most successfully.

“The ability to dynamically pass things like content, specific URL, player size and other parameters and refinements that are a step above standard executions, help make the ads more relevant to the audience and increase engagement,” Ben Abbatiello, VP of strategic accounts for SpotX, told Real-Time Daily via email.

Meredith Local Media Group’s 17 TV stations produce about 660 hours of local news and entertainment content each week across the U.S. The content racks up an average of 12 million video views per month, according to Meredith. The broadcaster’s digital solutions consolidate this content into 13 digital properties, including Fox 5 Las Vegas, CBS 46 Atlanta and 3TV Web properties in Phoenix.



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