MobileFuse Teams With AppNexus For Programmatic, Private Marketplace

MobileFuse, a mobile ad network, announced a partnership with AppNexus today that will help power their new MFX programmatic platform and private marketplace (PMP).

MobileFuse will move its entire inventory onto the AppNexus platform, which means that MobileFuse now houses a full stack offering on both the supply and demand side for companies to work with them directly or programmatically.

MobileFuse CEO Ken Harlan says he doesn’t see a conflict of interest in maintaining both sides of deal making, as his company is often in the position of buyer when they aggregate audience data for their mindset targeting product.

Harlan touts the years of work his company has done in cleaning their data as one of MobileFuse’s biggest assets for the partnership.

“We’ve got this inventory that we’ve sliced up, curated, optimized—all this historical data that we know is great inventory. PMPs [as a wider trend] force all the other exchanges to do what we’ve already done: weed out the bad supply,” says Harlan.



Creating a PMP was a natural next step for MobileFuse, a company that cut its teeth on managed service and order insertions, as more and more clients requested a programmatic solution as well.

“MobileFuse first started working with us on RTB buying, and after seeing how effective programmatic buying was for their platform, moving their entire network to AppNexus was a natural next step,” stated Jason Lynn, SVP of product management at AppNexus.

As mobile grows and draws in more advertising and marketing dollars, quality supply partners are necessary to keep up with the demand.

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