AdRoll Drives Email Business Through Personalization

AdRoll has grown its SendRoll customer client base 600% since branching into email marketing three months ago, the company revealed in a conversation with Email Marketing Daily. 

AdRoll first premiered SendRoll in early March, extending the company’s predictive programmatic advertising platform to the email channel. Founded in 2007, AdRoll has historically been an advertising display and retargeting platform before the launch of its email marketing product.

AdRoll unveiled SendRoll with 700 initial beta customers, but users have since grown to surpass 4,500 over the last quarter. With an overall client base of 25,000 companies, almost a fifth of AdRoll’s customers have signed up for the company’s email technology.

AdRoll has also accrued 500 brand new customers with its new email offering. 



SendRoll customers see an average email open rate of 55% to 60% and an average click-through rate of 10% to 20%, per AdRoll.   

"Marketers are recognizing the power of products that allow them to reach each potential customer, with a personalized message, based on the behavior of that person," says Greg Fulton, vice president of product at AdRoll.

An overwhelming majority of marketers who integrate personalization techniques into their email marketing see an increase in email engagement according to a study by VentureBeat Insights earlier this year. Only 9% of respondents claimed they saw no email ROI improvement with personalized outreach. 

Fulton says that AdRoll’s deep paid media background differentiates SendRoll from competing marketing platforms with speed. SendRoll applies Adroll’s predictive bidding algorithm, BidIQ, to its email recommendation engine. With SendRoll’s product recommendations feature, marketers can optimize their email marketing campaigns by sending personalized messages to potential customers based on their customer data profile and historical engagement.

"I think the way marketers buy software is changing, and speed is becoming a real priority," says Fulton. "How quickly can we get up and running? How many resources do we need to put toward the integration and day-to-day management? Marketers are busy and need to show results quickly."

SendRoll also offers a number of integrations for customers, including compatibility with email providers MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact. 


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