Programmatic TV: Doesn't Work Perfectly, But Close Enough

One-to-one marketing is still too hard for TV -- at the moment, anyway. But programmatic TV deals can work -- generally well.

Speaking at the MediaPost TV Summit, Oscar Garza, global director of programmatic of Essence, says, with regard to true one-to-one TV marketing: “It’s easier on digital, but not on linear TV. Addressable will improve on that.”

In response to drilling down to specific consumers, Manny Hernandez, global director of programmatic of Ogilvy, says: “I struggle with how granular we get with data. You can cripple your buy.”

That said, Hernandez says, with regard to programmatic TV: “it does work, but doesn’t work perfectly. [For example] maybe you can’t get a frequency cap across an entire campaign. But you can get close enough.”




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