Conductor Redesigns Searchlight Navigation Based On Brands' Best Practices

Conductor switched direction based on customer feedback and research to redesign a new workflow for its product Searchlight. The company's engineers spent hours studying what makes its most successful customers effective and integrated the best practices directly into the product.

Consumer behavior continues to change and marketers must keep up, said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. As customer behavior changes, so does the need for marketers to rethink search engine optimization and content.

Besmertnik calls the platform the "New Conductor Searchlight Experience"--  complete with reimagined navigation that follows best-practice workflows of some of the most successful brands such as Intuit, JanSport or the classic luxury brand Overland.  



The navigation is based on tested activity-based workflows, making it simple for marketers to improve on their organic marketing efforts in search engine query results because they can follow the changes in the platform and see the outcome in the results. The process has become more visual.

Visual content is the tool that marketers and consumers use to research products and services. In fact, 97% of Fortune 1000 marketers spend more than an hour researching and consuming content before making a purchase decision, according to a survey conducted at NewsCred’s recent #ThinkContentSummit. About half of marketers use visual content to put the focus of marketing campaigns on generating leads and tapping into new geographical markets.

The workflow allows brands to analyze content, measure visibility, investigate what the competition does, research and optimize, manage strategy, and report and share findings.

Conductor also integrated DeepCrawl, a Web crawler, into its platform, so companies can test and audit their site to make sure content gets discovered by search engines. The company had previously offered a basic site auditing tool similar to BrightEdge and Searchmetrics, but this integration aims to offer more bells and whistles. 

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