You're 'Welcome' Makes A Good First Impression

First impressions are just as important in email marketing as they are in person, which is why marketers should consider a triggered "Welcome" email series as a vital component to their email strategy.

A welcome email begins a brand's relationship with a customer, and helps set expectations as to what that customer will receive as part of their new email relationship. Yet, only 39% of ecommerce marketers send a thank you message to all new email subscribers, according to a new study released earlier this week by Campaigner, the email marketing solution of j2 Global.

Campaigner polled 150 online retailers from its customer base at the beginning of June and discovered that of the marketers that send welcome emails, half report that welcome emails boost engagement. Almost 50% of respondents asserted that 21% or more of their subscribers engage with their first message.

Welcome emails most commonly feature photos according to Campaigner, with 87% of marketers including an image in their welcome email. 26% of marketers are adding videos to their welcome emails, while 31% are leveraging geographic data to offer more personalized welcome emails to their new subscribers.



Timeliness is key and the majority of marketers, 62%, send their welcome email to subscribers within 24 hours.

 “It takes just seconds within meeting someone to form a lasting impression,” states E.J. McGowan, general manager, Campaigner. “Unsurprisingly, first impressions for brands are just as critical and time-sensitive. Marketers who quickly deliver engaging welcome emails to new subscribers will see greater success in conversions, while also building brand reputation.”

Content marketing is the most common tactic used by retail marketers to acquire new email subscribers according to the report, with 55% of respondents offering tailored content or news as an incentive to subscribe. 49% of respondents leverage promotional content, such as discounts or coupons, to encourage subscribers to sign up for their email marketing newsletters.



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