Celebrities, Marchers To Descend On Philadelphia For Democratic Convention

The Democratic National Convention kicks off on July 25 in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the American Constitution. The event promises to be an upbeat and exciting affair, with high-level celebrities holding events and a number of protest groups expected to march throughout the city.

Following the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, the city of Philadelphia has decided to relax restrictions on protest permits during the convention. As of July 1, the city had received 23 requests for demonstration permits, with at least 10 approved.

Pro-Sanders groups have filed 10 requests for permits, with the Sanders campaign itself calling for a demonstration on the eve of the convention, July 24. The proposed event is expected to attract between 15,000 and 40,000 people to Franklin Delano Roosevelt park.

According to a list released by the Philadelphia mayor’s office, Sanders supporters have already secured a number of permits, including a number of “March for Bernie” events and a “Black Men for Bernie” demonstration taking place at the tail end of the convention, July 27-28.



Bernie Sanders, who claims he will keep his campaign running until the convention, has already said publicly that he will support Hillary Clinton in November, stopping short of a full-blown endorsement.

He is still looking for the Democratic platform to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership, among other progressive ideals he hopes to instill in the Democratic platform.

On the entertainment front, it was announced on July 5 that Priorities USA Action, Senate Majority PAC and House Majority will host a “convention unity party” taking place on the last day, Thursday, July 28.

The event is headlined by hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg and will feature the rock band, Los Lobos.

Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and DJ Jazzy Jeff are performing in Camden, just across the Delaware river from downtown Philadelphia. Other confirmed celebs to promote the DNC include Fergie, Janelle Monae and Bryan Cranston.

The list of potential A-list celebrities not yet confirmed are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Beyonce and George Clooney, among others.

The end of July in Philadelphia is poised to turn into a week-long party. The rest of us can engage in the festivities at the DNC Politicalfest, starting July 22, continuing through the end of the convention.

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