Tech Issues Impact Streaming Subscriptions

Although the popularity of streaming video services continue to grow, technological problems remain critical issues.

Buffering/delayed starts of streaming programming affected nearly 75% of participants in a survey done by IBM’s Clearleap, the cloud video platform .

Some 49% of consumers are impacted by buffering video, and 12% witnessing delayed starts.

Another 24% experienced audio sync issues. Overall quality issues affected 15%. One in five consider the technical issues so serious they are likely to cancel the service.

Other long-term issues where consumers are most likely to cancel a subscription include too many ads (27%), a service that is too expensive (25%), not enough shows (20%), and technical problems (17%).

Of those surveyed, 43% said that connected TV is the primary screen for watching; 25%, watching on a tablet or smartphone.



When it comes to platform preference: 24% said traditional cable TV; 24%, streaming service, and 52% said “both equally.” Younger millennials side more with streaming services -- 72% saying they watch SVOD as much as or more than pay TV.

Password sharing is an important factor with SVOD services. The survey found out that 42% share passwords with family members; 4% share it outside their families.

The survey was conducted in April 2016, among 1,007 U.S. consumers.

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