Iterable, SparkPost Announce Partnership To Integrate Email With Multichannel Automation

SparkPost will integrate its email services with Iterable's multichannel automation and segmentation platform, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Marketers using Iterable's platform can now leverage SparkPost’s email delivery infrastructure and software directly within its user interface.

The partnership also supports push notifications, in-app messaging and SMS. SparkPost provides more than 40 message delivery and engagement metrics, which marketers now can add to Iterable campaigns.

“A lot of times email delivery problems aren’t easy to solve,” says Justin Zhu, CEO of Iterable. “Email can be a huge part of a business’ revenue, and a small depth change can be a big impactful event.”

Low email deliverability rates can cripple any email marketing campaign and is still a pressing issue for many organizations and companies. 

Keeping track of delivery rates has become increasingly important. Nearly one-quarter of all email marketing messages sent in the United States last year did not reach their intended recipient, according to a Return Path study of 357 million email marketing messages sent over the year.

Zhu admits that Iterable is no expert in deliverability, and highlights SparkPost’s email deliverability software and account services team as key additions for Iterable customers. Iterable users also have the option to corroborate with a dedicated SparkPost email account manager checking for any email deliverability issues and instigating correct practices.

“We solve the technical side of deliverability,” says Josh Aberant, CMO of SparkPost.  “While Iterable ensures the best messages are delivered to the right person and at the right time.”




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