NEW! Lumber And Baseball: The Perfect Combo

Great Southern Wood Preserving(GSWP) is going all in with Major League Baseball by promoting its YellaWood line in an ad buy running exclusively on Fox Sports MLB.

Developed with ad agency Brunner, the campaign is designed to reach a more upscale audience known as the "do it for me-ers." This is the brand’s first effort to reach “experienced” homeowners (on their second or third home), with $100K+ household incomes. Predictably, these featured decks are expansive, says the agency.

The creative, titled "Decklaration of Independence," is what the agency calls a "category sell," with no mention of Yellawood - closing title card aside - or its features. Instead, the focus is on the joy of living and socializing outside. YellaWood’s competitors do not advertise to consumers, and the brand enjoys a "commanding share of market," says the agency. 

The two :30-second spots run on regional TVvia MLB programming in 10 mostly eastern states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas. There is also support pre-roll video via networks Tremor Video and BrightRoll.

This media buy is aiming at maximizing the brand in one presence, rather than introduce a more diluted presence across many channels and outlets. MLB’s audience fits the two target markets, consumers and contractors, exceptionally well, and so does its schedule, which coincides with deck-building season.



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