Campaign Monitor Launches DIY Automation

Email marketing company Campaign Monitor released a new marketing automation feature Wednesday that makes segmentation as easy as drag-and-drop.

Campaign Monitor’s Visual Journey Designer provides email marketers with a triggered campaign email builder in a do-it-yourself user-interface.

The new Visual Journey Designer requires no HTML or coding skills and helps email marketers send more personalized and relevant emails triggered real-time customer data.

“It’s based around the fact that instead of humans executing every campaign, a system can trigger campaigns automatically based on specific rules and criteria,” says Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor.  

The self-service feature looks like a flow chart, allowing marketers to simply specify how they would like to segment their email campaigns. For example, marketers could choose to segment campaigns by past purchases, age or geographic region. Marketers could then build more advanced segmentation triggers off those original criteria.

Swensrud says these emails are ultimately more targeted, welcomed by recipients, and lead to successful lead generation and sales.

“Email is at the core of our new Visual Journey Designer and its pre-integrated into our email marketing product,” says Swensrud.

Campaign Monitor also provides templates for marketers to work off of containing five common use-case scenarios of triggered campaigns including a happy birthday campaign.

In addition,Campaign Monitor’s new Visual Journey Designer can be used in conjunction with over 200 pre-integrated applications available in the Campaign Monitor App Store, including Shopify and WordPress.

The new automation feature is now available to Campaign Monitor customers at no additional cost, but more advanced automation features are reserved for Campaign Monitor’s Unlimited and Premier plans.


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