Facebook Really Wants To Replace Your Coupons

There are few things that American consumers love more than Facebook and deals.

Trying to align these national pastimes, the social giant just redesigned Offers, a mostly mobile service that helps consumers claim, organize and redeem coupons and promotions.

With Offers, Facebook lets businesses decide how long their Offers run, who sees them, and where they can be redeemed.

Businesses can now create two types of Offers -- online and in-store -- which can then be shared in an Offers ad or in a Page post.

Offers ads appear in people’s News Feed in the Facebook mobile app and Web site.

Advertisers can also reach the right audiences with creative ad formats like carousel ads, and then see how many Offers have been claimed in ads reporting.

The other way for businesses to share Offers is to post them directly on their Page through the Offer Page Composer.

All posted Offers will be viewable by anyone visiting the Page. If someone missed a posted Offer, they can click on the new, dedicated Offers tab to see all Offers posted by the business.

For users, offers will now automatically save to the new Offers bookmark. They can then review and access their saved Offers by clicking on the bookmark, and then redeem them on mobile, desktop or in-store -- depending on what the advertiser has specified, of course.

To redeem their offers, user can now copy the offer code and access details -- such as terms and conditions -- on their mobile device while they’re on the advertiser’s mobile site.

For in-store, people can pretty simply access their Offer through the Offers bookmark, and pull it up on their phone at the register. Businesses can choose to enable a barcode or QR code to scan at check out.

Going forward, Facebook is working on the capability for unique offer codes, which will prevent offers from being distributed to people on a larger scale.

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