Ooyala Releases New Version Of Ooyala Pulse, Combines Ad Server, Programmatic Platform

Ad-tech firm Ooyala on Wednesday released a new version of its Ooyala Pulse that combines its ad server and programmatic platform into one tool. The company said Ooyala Pulse enables traditionally siloed ad sales teams to collaborate and access ad inventory within the same platform, allowing them to manage both direct-sold and programmatic inventory simultaneously.

By providing a unified view of both direct and programmatic inventory, ad operation teams can sell inventory for over-the-top and video-on-demand content and live events. It can also service Interactive Advertising Bureau-standard video units for mobile and in-stream display across sales channels, including direct-sold, private marketplaces, open marketplaces and private deals.

In addition, the new version of Ooyala Pulse supports automated guaranteed transactions. This sales method automates the sale of direct-sold or reserved inventory for which a price has been previously agreed between a buyer and seller.

The process has traditionally been handled manually.

The company said Ooyala Pulse also provides real-time analytics and inventory simulations to help facilitate ad sales decisions and ad ops teams' structure sales efforts. It also aids in understanding potential revenue outcomes with inventory allocations through algorithmic-based forecasting.

“Our customers recognize that programmatic should not be an add-on to direct sales, but an integral part of core ad operations,” stated Scott Braley, Ooyala general manager of ad platforms. He stated the holistic platform, which supported direct and programmatic ad decisions, helped customers secure "effective and lucrative team-wide selling strategies.”

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