PreSonus Boosts Email Engagement With Localization

Music technology company PreSonus has entered a partnership with Emma Email Marketing Software and Services, leveraging Emma’s API offering to achieve a deeper level of segmentation in its email marketing campaigns. 

Founded in 1995 and based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, PreSonus designs and produces audio-recording and live-sound equipment. The technology and music production company designs and produces a full range of music equipment, including microphone preamps, digital mixers and loudspeakers.

Carl Jacobson, director of marketing at PreSonus Audio Electronics, began tackling the transition of its email program in 2015. The company’s email strategy at the time was the traditional batch-and-blast campaign, “essentially let’s throw an email newsletter together and throw it in front of everyone in the world,” says Jacobson.

With a direct email list of over half a million subscribers, Jacobson says batch-and-blast was not very effective. He reviewed several email marketing providers including HubSpot and Bronto Software, but chose Emma as an email partner. 

Email messages are segmented by past products that a subscriber has bought, as well as which version of the product they have. PreSonus also banks any geographic data to incorporate location-based targeting in its messaging.

Jacobson says the quality of emails and deliverability immediately improved upon partnership with Emma, as a result of the company’s automation and segmentation tools.

A year-over-year evaluation showed that open rates had increased 8%, while direct sales increased 101% and the bounce rate was down 95%.

Jacobson says he wanted to speak to customers in a language they understand. PreSonus -- an international company -- translates their line of products, but was still largely sending all emails in English. The company customized a system that allowed people to select their preferred language. The captured preferred language was then assigned to a browser and an account with Emma’s technology, and built into a dynamic email template. 

“If you’re in France, you’ll get an email in French unless you have a language preference,” says Jacobson. “Most people in France speak French, but for places like Switzerland or for expatriate music producers in France, we wanted to be able to speak to them in their own language.” 

For example, Switzerland has four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. Emails sent to Switzerland will dynamically change upon opening to be in the most preferred language of the recipient.

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