HIRO Media Launches Programmatic Video Content Marketing Engine

Programmatic video provider HIRO Media on Monday announced a new programmatic video content marketing engine. HIRO claims the platform is capable of delivering branded video content at scale to comScore's top 1,000 online properties reaching more than 100 million unique viewers.

The new product uses a syndication technology and prediction methodology, that can predict supply-side inventory quality and demand side needs, as well as which consumers will best match the video content. This is all achieved through a self-serve platform that gives advertisers control over their programmatic video campaigns.

Brands that create branded video content and publishers can use HIRO's syndication capabilities for extracting relevant branded content pieces and exposing it to the right audiences.

“The marketing industry is evolving as brands are starting to think like publishers and investing more and more in high-quality video content creation,” Ariel Napchi, Founder & CEO, HIRO Media, told Real-Time Daily via email. He said HIRO’s technology offers a solution for publishers to expose their video content to target audiences in a more effective, efficient, and targeted manner.



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