Bidtellect Adds Native Video Suite To Video Offering

Native ad platform Bidtellect on Tuesday announced an expansion of its native video suite to include three distinct video products: Native In-Feed, Native Autoplay Preview, and Outstream Video Autoplay.

Here's how the company further defines these products:

  •  Native In-Feedoffering is designed for marketers that want to distribute long-form content (90 seconds or longer) across the Web. The click-to-play format is user-initiated and pre-qualifies consumer interest in the content. These are in-feed placements on both desktop and mobile.
  • The Native Autoplay Previewfunction enables users to preview short-form content before deciding to engage with the video. They must click to expand the video, enabling marketers to identify this audience.
  • The Outstream Video Autoplaycapability positions video assets within sections of a site where consumers are actively consuming content. This enables marketers to align their message with consumer interest. The video will start playing when it’s 50% in view and stop playing when it’s 50% out of view, offering cost-efficient video completion rates.
“We designed Bidtellect’s Native Video Suite so advertisers could easily create a variety of impactful video experiences for consumers that actually feel native. We understand that digital audiences have diverse preferences, and our native video products reflect that," Lon Otremba, CEO of Bidtellect, told Real-Time Dailyvia email. "Every day marketers and publishers alike see audience behavior moving toward video content. As a partner to both, Bidtellect has put the technology in place to facilitate this transition.”



Bidtellect said that each of the products is designed to align with content in environments that consumers are already engaging with, eliminating what’s often perceived as a forced, non-native video experience. All three video formats are both Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)- and Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID)-compliant. This enables publishers to create high-quality video content experiences for their readers across several formats.

Bidtellect’s platform enables buyers to use all three formats in one ad program. With the assistance from Bidtellect performance analytics professionals, managed service and optimization algorithms can allocate budget based on the highest performing formats for each campaign’s key performance indicator (KPIs). Bidtellect’s native video suite aims to support marketers’ long-form video needs, offering multiple pricing options, identifying qualified leads, and providing cost-efficient video completion rates.

“Bidtellect has quickly become a key partner for us when delivering video content for our clients,” stated Sarah North, at Empower MediaMarketing. “Its optimization technology, coupled with premium scale, always delivers results against our clients’ KPIs.”

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