Barker's Self-Promoting OOH Ads Attract Attention-And Thieves

Barker is continuing its self-promotional ad campaign that has proven to be so popular that people are swiping the ads. 

Since the billboards debuted in March around its New York office, several have been stolen from their posts. The agency says it doesn't know whether the culprits are admiring fans or envious agency competitors. 

Now the agency is introducing a new batch. These spots promote the full-service agency's "dare-to-be-different" mentality as one of the few creative companies to occupy the Financial District. Placed right in front of its office on 30 Broad Street, the outdoor ads proclaim Barker as “the highest agency in New York” – a nod to its penthouse location and testament to its sky’s-the-limit creative thinking. 

Other ads play up its predominately female staff, toting the tagline “70% Women. 100% Balls.” Barker's SVP, creative director Sandi Harari is one of only 10% of female creative directors in the business. 

Past ads have featured statements "Made You Look.” and industry-centric slang reading: “Where ROI Meets WTF.” 

The targets for the campaign are other – possibly competitor – agencies in the Financial District, as well as prospective clients.





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