Doritos Uses Empty Bags To Nudge Young Adults To Vote

Doritos is running a campaign aimed at helping nonpartisan nonprofit Rock the Vote increase voter registration among young adults. 

An accompanying sweeps should also drive some Doritos sales.

Starting today, National Voter Registration Day, the Frito-Lay brand that positions itself as being all about “bold choices” is touring college campuses around the country with Rock the Vote to convince students that voting is the “boldest choice” that they can make this year. 

It’s also running a promotion featuring limited-edition “flavorless flavor” Doritos bags (above). The bags contain no chips — and obviously no taste or crunch — to convey the message that if you don’t choose, someone else will choose something for you that you may not like. 



Consumers can go on a dedicated site to order and send one of the bags to someone who hasn’t yet registered to vote, to encourage them to register online. 

Visitors to the campaign site who click “Get No Choice” can view a video (below) showing what happened when Doritos surprised students with a special vending machine. The machine let registered voters choose to get a sample of either Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch Doritos — but dispensed only the flavorless bags to those who indicated that they hadn’t registered yet.

Site visitors who click the other option —  “Make a Choice” — can type in a code from a Doritos bag in order to be able to vote for either the cheese or ranch Doritos flavor and qualify for an entry to a sweepstakes.

The prizes range from branded merchandise to various trips. The grand prize is a “presidential package” trip to Las Vegas: two first class round-trip tickets, two nights in a presidential suite, personal limo service…and free Doritos for four years (one presidential term).

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