Digital Media's Rube Goldberg Problem

Speaking at OMMA Video, Tony Pace, chairman of the Association of National Advertisers, says marketers still have major questions over what they are getting from media -- especially when it comes to what big data brings and new ad permutations in the digital media space.

“Big data is an easy phrase that everyone throws out there; the presumption being bigger data is better than lessor data. Data is a good thing but not every piece of data is worth the incremental money or download time it is taking in the supply chain.”

Pace adds: “Who’s fault is that? It’s everyone’s fault. You let this digital supply chain grow, frankly, without any blueprint... It’s like this giant Rube Goldberg device where you keep tapping on new things.”

This has created problems, he says, as marketers have let things slide: “Marketers probably weren’t paying specific attention to some of these changes... But they now have a higher skepticism. And skepticism creates hesitation.”

“Do I care if someone watches [video] for one, three, seven or ten seconds? I only care that they get the message. At the end of day, [publishers] are making the standards low that [their] constituents can feel comfortable adding that to their audience. Is that legit? I don’t think so.”

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