PowerInbox Adds A Heat Map Measuring The Performance Of Design Elements

PowerInbox has updated its DynamicMail platform with a heat map that measures the performance of specific design elements within an email. 

With DynamicMail’s latest update, marketers gain insight into the engagement of their email campaigns. The data visualization illustrates which areas of an email were clicked on, instead of simply registering that the email was clicked.

Most analytic applications rate the engagement rates of email marketing campaigns by click-through rates, opens and bounces. Some also add revenue generated as a data point, but few offer the finite granularity that PowerInbox has now added to DynamicMail.

The analytics feature gives marketers an image of where customers click and engage with an email, enabling them to evaluate the performance of individual design elements such as a photo, video or map.



PowerInbox has also developed a pixel inserted into DynamicMail that registers the length of time that a consumer has read the email. The company divides reading into three buckets: a glance (zero to two seconds), a skim (three to ten seconds) or a close read of the email (11-20 seconds). If a marketer notices that a prospect only glances at their emails, they might consider redesigning the message to contain more headers and calls-to-action as opposed to body text.

“Our audience appreciates food on many levels, including ‘presentation,’” states Rohit Gupta, director of product at Tasting Table, a Web site and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts and a PowerInbox customer. “The same can be said of Tasting Table’s emails."

Founded in 2010, PowerInbox is an email marketing platform that provides marketers with an opportunity to run cross-channel campaigns on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook from their Inbox. DynamicMail is PowerInbox’s personalization product, and helps make email campaigns more dynamic and engaging with real-time capabilities, animation and geo-targeting.

The email marketing company claims that by customizing email content with more dynamic and personalized content, PowerInbox increases click-through rates by more than 30% when compared to traditional static email, and boosts the average ROI of a batch-and-blast email.

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