Mobile Video Means The World To Hispanic Audiences

Not surprisingly, mobile video is emerging as the best way to reach consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds. New research from Yahoo, for instance, finds that among Spanish-dominant respondents (those who prefer to speak Spanish over English), 94% now use their mobile devices to watch video at least once a week.

While that share drops to 84% among English-dominant respondents, it’s still pretty impressive.

Further, 72% like to watch online video from multiple devices, which demonstrating a clear opportunity for marketers to leverage this format.

More broadly, third-generation Hispanics have specific opinions when it comes to the advertising that reaches them. So marketers should understand the difference between “Hispandering” and offering a true reflection of cultural realities, Yahoo suggests.

Of note, 54% of third-generation Hispanics actively seek out and/or enjoy online content tailored to them as Hispanics/Latinos.

What’s more, 65% feel there should be more ads in English that speak specifically to Hispanics, while 53% welcome advertising targeted specifically to them.

Of course, marketers and content producers have every incentive to more effectively reach this demographic. Indeed, at more than 17% of the population, Hispanics represent the largest ethnicity in the U.S., and they are expected to represent 29% of the population by 2060.

As such, Hispanics are quickly becoming one of the most coveted consumer groups, with an annual buying power expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2019.

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