Brands Pine For Broader People-Based Marketing Options

While a clear majority of digital marketers rely on Facebook and Google, an even greater share would rather not rely so heavily on these tech titans.

That’s according to fresh findings from LiveRamp -- Acxiom’s ad targeting and measurement unit -- which factored in responses from around 250 big brand marketers.

To be precise, 79% of respondents report using Google and Facebook for their people-based marketing efforts, while 84% say they would like to unify their people-based marketing strategies across other digital channels.

As it stands, less than one in five respondents say they are presently in a position to build an “omnichannel” view of their target audiences. They are unable to connect data across digital and offline interactions with their brands, respondents said.

Meanwhile, more than 75% say they see the IoT, chat bots, virtual reality, and wearables as significant future technologies for marketing, which would only add to the complexity of recognizing consumers across touch-points.

Attracted to LiveRamp’s ability to connect consumers’ online and offline behavior, Acxiom acquired the startup in 2014 for a reported $310 million.

The publicly traded Acxiom has a vested interest in seeing brands expand their marketing efforts beyond Facebook and Google.  

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