PlayStation Adds VR To Its 'Greatness Awaits' Campaign

PlayStation is supporting its entrance into the VR space with new ads for its ‘Greatness Awaits’ campaign developed with its ad agency BBH New York. The new PlayStation VR headset hits store shelves today.

The ads focus on the physical nature of VR and are designed to show gamers what it feels like to be completely immersed in a virtual world, they say. 

One video spot (see below) focuses on the Star Wars franchise.  As a gamer dons the headset, a cup on the coffee table begins to tremble, as though an earthquake is happening. Next, the gamer’s entire surroundings are pulled into a vortex where he is transformed into a Rebel Fighter piloting a Star Wars X-wing. The spot concludes with the existing tag line, “Greatness Awaits.” 

A second spot will debut shortly, focusing on a gamer becoming Batman, while a third spot, debuting in November, features a gamer experiencing “Farpoint,” a title exclusively made for the PSVR experience. 



The campaign includes a buy of cable and network outlets, including FOX, CBS, ESPN, Comedy Central and MTV.

There is expected to be high demand for this VR experience. GameStop says it had the quickest sell-out of pre-orders in its history with PS VR. They sold out in less than five minutes, says the retailer. 

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