Omni Channel Resolution Roadblock To People Based Marketing

According to a commissioned industry study of marketers at large brands across several sectors, LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, found that that people-based marketing has become a strategic imperative for marketers. However, few of them are capable of recognizing and engaging consumers on every channel and device due to a lack of omnichannel identity resolution capabilities, says the report.

People-based marketing (the ability to recognize a customer or prospect on all their digital devices, and on any marketing platform) is not just a marketing buzzword, says the report. Over 90% of all marketers agree that the ability to execute people-based marketing in digital channels is of significant importance.

While 79% of marketers take advantage of the people-based marketing capabilities that Google and Facebook offer on their properties, 84% of marketers want to unify their people-based marketing strategies across all digital channels, says the report.

  • 70% of Marketers use more than 5 channels to reach consumers, while 1 in 3 marketers use more than 10 different channels to target audiences. 
  • 61% of marketers are looking to increase the number of technology vendors they work with in order to leverage best of breed marketing platforms to engage with consumers in specific channels
  • Digital display and TV together both post the highest difficulty and lowest confidence in marketers’ ability to reach a known customer or prospect with their marketing initiatives, with disparate data sources posing significant challenges

However, for the 60% of marketers working with identity resolution vendors, they enjoy numerous advantages, says the report. For the 40% who do not work with these vendors:

  • It’s 3X more difficult to use offline data to target/personalize
  • It’s nearly 3X more difficult to tie data generated from marketing exposure back to people
  • They are nearly 3X less confident at recognizing consumers in digital channels
  • Nearly twice as bad joining digital and offline consumer data into an omnichannel view

The report goes on to say that 90% of marketers indicate building an omnichannel view of the consumer is critical to marketing effectiveness. However less than 1 in 5 are currently able to build this view of the consumer across digital and offline marketing channels, suggesting that there is still substantial room for improvement, opines the report.

The report concludes by noting that this comes at a time where emerging technologies on the horizon will soon add to the complexity of the marketer’s arsenal of marketing channels; technologies such as virtual reality, chatbots and the Internet of Things. These are fast becoming mainstream technologies that will pose both opportunity and challenge to marketing teams.

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