Addressable: Watch The TV Program Ad, Watch The TV Show

Addressable TV efforts offer plenty of hope to marketers -- perhaps none more than TV networks themselves. And the proof can be somewhat easy to track: Did they watch the show?

For an entertainment client, Starcom MediaVest Group put this to the test when it came to a new TV show.

Daniel Solarz, precision video supervisor at Starcom MediaVest Group, says results were excellent -- 32.4% of the audience that was exposed to the ad tuned into the program. “That was great. It was a huge number,” he said in a presentation at MediaPost's TV Insider Summit.

Then SMG looked at the same audience that never saw the commercial for that TV show, where 4.6% of the total audience tuned into that program. “The difference is hard to believe -- 600%,” says Solarz. “It demonstrates the impact of exposure, especially when you are targeting the right people.”

Key in all of this is making sure you are targeting the right audience. Solarz says one of the ways that SMG does this is comparing targeted exposure group with a non-targeted exposure group. “This is a household that doesn’t meet the [targeted] criteria -- but we still serve them the ad messaging.”

Solarz says there was a 110% lift for those who were targeted and saw the ad versus the viewers who weren’t targeted but saw the ad for the TV program anyway.



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