A Google Guide To Supershoppers Searching For 'Cool Gifts'

What's a supershopper? Google defines this person as someone who always finds unique and cool holiday gifts.

This requires research, and the willingness by the consumer to purchase from retailers or online stores they had not bought from before, which can become a little scary when they are unsure of the quality or service. 

Mobile has become the best way to find these "cool gifts" because search engines are aggregating the content for consumers in fewer searches. Mobile searches related to "unique gifts" grew more than 65%, while mobile searches related to "cool gifts" grew 80%, according to Google.

Some 76% of mobile shoppers have changed their mind about buying from a retailer or a brand after searching on Google, and more than three-quarters of smartphone shoppers who usually go to the same physical stores when they shop for products are open to new retailers and brands online, according to a recent study. Why?

More than half of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their phones, according to Google.

Some 64% of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile search for ideas about what to buy before they head into the stores. One in four mobile video viewers in the U.S. have visited YouTube for help with a purchase decision while they were at a store or visiting a store's Web site.

Although people increasingly make purchases from a mobile device, Google suggests that consumers use mobile primarily for what the company calls the "door to the store." Some 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. And one inside the store they want the retailer to know where they can find the items or deals.

Supershoppers live up to their name as we move deeper into the holiday season. From November through mid-December, online conversion rates increase across devices. Last year, on mobile alone, they jumped 30% on Black Friday and 50% on Cyber Monday when compared to November 1.

Bing, Google and others are making it easy for consumers to explore their options online and discover new brands, especially on mobile devices. And it will only become easier.

Pulling content into the search engine through Google Shopping reduces the number of searches and clicks that consumers must make to find the perfect shirt or skirt, making it easier for customers to explore new retailers and not always go back to the familiar ones.

It may begin with a search query or paid search or Google Shopping ad, but mobile commerce may need to grow up a bit in the U.S. before consumers become more comfortable with clicking on the buy button or making a payment digitally. Google, Visa and others would like to convince marketers otherwise.

The recent Visa 2016 Digital Payments Study, which surveyed more than 36,000 online consumers in 19 European countries, reveals how consumer adoption of digital payments and buying online has shifted dramatically in the last 12 months. One year ago, 38% of the people surveyed said they had never used a mobile device to make payments. That number has dropped to Europe. 

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