British Martech Firm BlueVenn Launches U.S. Operations

BlueVenn, a U.K.-based marketing automation and customer analytics provider, on Monday launched operations in the U.S. in Boston. The company’s BlueVenn Marketing Platform offers marketers tools to extract insights from customer data to help create omnichannel journeys in real-time.

Curt Bloom, BlueVenn’s U.S. president, told Real-Time Daily via email that the company’s differentiator is that it offers a single view across all actionable data and optimized data. It also provides what BlueVenn characterizes as “train-of-thought” analytics. Marketers can quickly evaluate millions of active customers and thousands of products in real-time to extract meaningful data for optimized targeting, real-time messaging and campaign generation.

For example, a customer can determine how many customers bought red shoes in the last 12 months, how and where purchases took place, and what if any promotions or coupons were used, according to Bloom.

Marketers create also tags within a customer journey. “Tags evaluate real-time data about what consumers are browsing or researching, what they consume, open, click, mention, abandon, and pages they view online,” he said.

However, for marketers that do not have access to all their data or outsource requests to agencies or other third parties, BlueVenn provides them with real-time, relevant data so they can react quickly and reduce campaign time.

Marketers are increasingly expected to include data analysis as another facet of their skill set, but martech companies are not necessarily creating the solutions that suit their requirements,” Bloom said. “It’s not that the technology isn’t capable, but the emphasis is more on the marketers having the tech knowledge to use these tools, rather than the tools being created that fit how marketers work.”

AAA chose BlueVenn to help it create multichannel marketing campaigns, improve the customer experience for its 55.6 million members and increase retention and acquisition efforts.

Glenda Selby, AAA CRM data warehouse manager, stated her company would use the platform to "integrate real-time data sources with historical behavior and predictive models to plan ‘live’ campaigns" that can be deployed through any customer touchpoint.

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