iQuanti Creates Predictive Ranking Keyword Tool

iQuanti this week announced the launch of ALPS, a search engine optimization (SEO) platform with simulation capability. It uses predictive algorithms to test natural search traffic to determine why a keyword used by a brand would rank in a specific order.

The platform allows digital marketers to test different SEO solutions and review ROI projections to ensure that the company implements the best changes before committing to a plan. The tool has been in beta since January with about five clients. 

Most reporting tools for SEO are fairly good reporting tools that tell you which keywords drove traffic and then provide keyword ides and tactics, but tend to be more basic," said Sastry Rachakonda, CEO of iQuanti.

ALPS uses a simulation function and identifies keywords and other metadata to predict everything from site traffic to revenue impact, which helps marketers make informed decisions on which SEO strategy will become the most beneficial for their business. Instead of waiting months to evaluate site performance, the simulation tool lets marketers adjust content and link building immediately and see how those changes will affect site optimization.

Rachakonda said the company tested the platform with more than 15,000 keywords, looking at the top 50 results for each of the keywords, and determined the factors why marketers would use them. iQuanti engineers took the 105 variables to rank them in order, trying to replicate a search engine.

"We started comparing the ranking to Google's to get as close as possible," Rachakonda said.

The process allows brands to analyze each keyword to determine where the word would rank, why it would rank in that order, what companies also use the keyword and where they rank, and why the keyword might rank higher for a competitor compared with their brand.

It enables the brand to experiment with changes in a test, rather than live, to determine how keywords can rank higher. It makes it more predictable before investing marketing dollars, he said. 

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