Turn Integrates New Viewability Providers

Ad-tech provider Turn on Tuesday announced that it’s integrated accredited video-viewability providers DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Moat. The integrations will enable Turn to offer algorithmic optimization to selected in-view rates and reporting directly within the company’s programmatic marketing platform.

The company said viewability data from each provider will be stored in the Turn data-management platform to evaluate several aspects of a bid request in order to predict in-view rates and the right price to bid for ad inventory. In tandem with proprietary algorithms, viewable impressions are selected to hit advertisers’ goals of the right viewability at the right price on campaigns run through the Turn demand-side platform.

Turn offered the example of a global consumer packaged goods company that used its technology and viewability solution to exceed campaign benchmarks by 30% and industry benchmarks by 60% for video viewability, while reaching its target audience at scale.

Turn's technology allows advertisers to choose their optimal viewability goals and metrics on a single  platform: the industry-standard Media Rating Council, or higher video viewability standards as defined by agencies like GroupM (100% in-view and audible for half the duration) or AVOC (audible and viewable on completion).

“Our partnership enables Turn to offer real-time optimization in video toward viewability and attention,” stated Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and CEO of Moat. “Turn's focus on enabling Moat as a currency on their platform signals a strong shift beyond just optimizing towards viewable ads and to transacting on them as a currency.”

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