Meredith Corp. Launches Programmatic Shopper Marketing Program

Meredith Corporation has teamed with programmatic tech platform The Trade Desk to launch what they are calling the first-ever digital programmatic solution for digital shopper marketing.

Pilot campaigns managed through the new digital shopper marketing offering are said to have improved campaign performance, notably, a 19X ROAS and a boost in in-store sales according to Nielsen SimTest

Of the offering, Meredith Digital VP of Data and Programmatic Solutions Chip Schenck said, "At Meredith, we reach millions of grocery shoppers every day who are about to step foot into a store, and we have first-party data that gives us unique insight into their grocery shopping behavior. Helping advertisers leverage our data and deep audience insight, alongside their own data, to target shoppers at different points of their journey is the next phase of data-driven marketing."

According to the arrangement, The Trade Desk will have access to Meredith's programmatic shopper display inventory on, which has 45 million monthly unique visitors, as well as across Meredith Digital's network of sites, including,, and

New ad units will allow advertisers to access a combination of audience behavioral insights, SKU-level product data, retail store locations, local weather, and geo-targeted promotions, coupons and discounts for products at local retailers to build consideration and drive in-store purchase.

Showing her excitement for the new partnership, Empower MediaMarketing programmatic buyer Sarah North noted "It's truly remarkable to see the impact standard display units can deliver when they are powered by
relevance, and this example underscores the unique capabilities and wealth of data Meredith brings to the table. We work hard to deliver results for our clients, and this new solution opens up a whole new channel for effective digital shopper marketing."



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