Some Last Ditch Efforts To Leverage The Election

So the election is tomorrow (or today depending upon when you read this). No matter what side you are on, I think we can all agree this election season has been one of the most contentious, crazy and downright ugly. Yet, life will go on after the election. How that life will pan out is yet to be determined. All we can hope for is that cooler heads prevail.

Yet, as crazy as these election season has become and as much as most of us would just wish it would go away so we can go back to posting cat pictures, pointless pontifications and silly memes - hell, even Shit Social Media Gurus Say would be a relief, there's still no shortage of ad types out there using this election season to shill their wares.

First we have Scott Goodson, founder of Strawberry Frog, who is linking his latest book, Uprising, with Trump's seemingly skillful methods used to start a mass movement. Back in October, Goodson released a video  in which he discusses the ten things you need to do to start a movement. Today, a press release sings, "In a recent video on YouTube, entitled "How to start a movement," Goodson takes us through ten steps that Trump used to start and build his movement.



There's nary a mention of Trump in the entire video. But, hey, why should that stop Scott from leveraging Trump-mania to get a few more YouTube views?

And then there's the drop quote that attempts to seamlessly link the video with Trump's apparent mass movement skills: "It's mind blowing. I can't help looking at the election as a marketer, because I am one. Against hundreds of millions of dollars spent by traditional politicians, Trump has used provocation, his Twitter feed to ignite millions of passions. And these and a select few other tricks have been incredibly effective the past 18 months and moreover it's cost Trump significantly less money."

More likely the insanity is due to the inescapable human trait of rubbernecking exacerbated by our obsession with social media and the media's carefree attitude toward facts versus its razor sharp focus on the almighty page view. 

OK so Scott's linking his mass movement thing with Trump's crazy antics to sell books and build his agency business. To each their own.

Up next...

The communications team from CamSoda -- no, its not a soda brand it's a porn site -- has joined the last minute election tie-in game and is out with a "get out and vote" promotion that awards people who cast a vote with 500 tokens (worth $50) which can be used on the CamSoda site. Here's the SFW landing page that details the promotion.  

To qualify, a person has to take a picture of themselves near their polling station (but not inside the booth because that's not entirely legal) and post it to social media with the hashtag #CamSodaVotes which, of course, notifies all your friends you're into watching sex cams in your free time. 

So go do your part. Watch Scott's video. Buy his book. Hire his agency. Or if you just want a little free sexual release, go out and vote and cash in your chips for some free cam time with your favorite sexual interest.

Please. Make it stop. 

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