Fraudlogix Adds Viewability To Its Ad Vertification Suite

Fraudlogix, an ad verification vendor that specializes in fraud detection products for supply-side platforms, ad exchanges, ad networks, and demand-side platforms, said it’s adding viewability measurement to its product suite. The new feature enables companies to monitor their entire inventory for ad fraud, domain masking, brand safety, and viewability.

The company said viewability measurement will enable clients to determine what percentage of their ad impressions were in view on consumers’ devices when ads were served. And clients will be able to evaluate the impression counts, the percentage of impressions that were able to be measured -- and of those, how many were viewable.

The viewability feature is available for display, video, mobile, and in-app environments and direct access to data is available via an API. Clients receive reporting according to seller, publisher and domain verticals across their platforms. In keeping with industry standards, Fraudlogix is using the Media Rating Council's viewability guidelines to determine whether or not an impression is viewable.

“Advertisers are increasingly demanding not only fraud-free impressions, but those that are in-view when the ad is served,” stated Fraudlogix CEO, Hagai Shechter.

The addition of viewability to Fraudlogix’s suite of ad verification products comes as Fraudlogix has beefed up its offerings over the last 12 months with the addition of a real-time IP address block list, expanded brand safety monitoring, and an overhaul of its affiliate-fraud interface.


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