Wise Data Media Launches Text-To-Video Technology

Ad-tech firm Wise Data Media on Wednesday announced the launch of Wise Content, a text-to-video technology that aims to create broadcast-ready branded video for publishers and advertisers. The technology is designed to enable publishers and advertisers to create short news videos.

“With Wise Content, publishers are able to discover and create video on what matters and to deliver the video to their audience in real time,” Wise Data Media Founder and CEO, Tomer Sade, told Real-Time Daily via email. “As online video continues to surge, we realized there was a need in the advertising and publishing markets for automated video creation,” Sade said. Wise’s technology is designed to help streamline and make video production easier.

Wise Content will enable advertisers to expand their reach using a cross-video solution that includes the players, the content, and a content delivery network. Advertisers can add videos to their site via an API integration option that offers  implementation of tags and a license to exclusive content on the server.

Wise Media uses an artificial intelligence, real-time bid management system that seeks to enable marketers to make informed marketing decisions across all digital channels. The company's data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management technology is designed to predict how each new campaign can be best optimized to improve on results before bidding.



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