Cable News Nets Score Strong November Results

All cable TV news networks had a strong November viewing period -- results that were largely expected due to the strong interest in the Presidential election.

Fox News Channel grew 71% over the same month a year before to a leading Nielsen 3.3 million total viewer average in prime time; it also grew 71% to 778,000 in the key 25-54 TV news viewers that advertisers target.

CNN had one of the best performances overall in terms of growth versus November 2015 -- up 132% to 1.5 million total viewers -- and 163% higher to 608,000 25-54 viewers.  

MSNBC was runner-up to most improved -- most than doubling its total prime-time viewers, 104%, to 1.3 million total viewers. It also grew 137% in 25-54 viewers to 358,000.



Among all cable TV networks, Fox was the highest overall network in total viewers in prime time. CNN came in third, while MSNBC was in seventh place. 

Total day TV news viewing offered much of the same results, with Fox News adding 61% to average 2.0 million total viewers and 106% higher in 25-54 to 466,000. CNN grew 76% to 995,000 total viewers, and 102% to 346,000 in 25-54 viewers.

MSNBC was the most improved network overall in total day viewers -- up 84% to 736,000 total viewers and 105% more in 25-54 viewers to 195,000.

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