Email: Attribution: Not Fair?

Is attribution not fair for email marketers?

Speaking at MediaPost's Email Insider Summit, Ellen Ablow, director of CRM and Marketing Operations for Survey Monkey, thinks so.

“I hate attribution because it is not fair,”  says Ablow. “I’ve never done email as an acquisition channel; it’s never fair."

She adds:  “You are never first touch because someone had to get that email address. And you are rarely last touch because you are coming into the site in order to do X -- and there is in-site messaging that takes over.”

“People are just lazy,” she says. “They see your emails and they don’t click through on emails because on its mobile. They want to do it on desktop.”

“I like to take a look the ecosystem. Look at how many silos are touched before it got to X... If you take email out things go to hell in a handbasket.”
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