'Bustle' Launches New Series, Focuses On 2017 Resolutions

Bustle, a digital millennial women's lifestyle publication, is debuting a new series. It spotlights the resolutions women make every new year, called “2017 IRL,” which refers to the popular millennial acronym for “in real life.”

The project aims to end the cycle of “negative” New Year resolutions, such as resolving to lose weight or exercise more.

“2017 IRL” is the first series in a larger yearlong project on Bustle called “You IRL” that features fashion, beauty, comedy, sex and relationship content. The empowerment theme will run across different verticals, a spokesperson told Publishers Daily.

Examples of articles include “Are New Year's Resolutions About ‘Getting Fit’ and ‘Eating Better’ Just Code For Trying To Lose Weight?” and “Social Media Resolutions That Will Help You Be More Mindful & Less Stressed.”



The project also includes multimedia content, such as a Bustle comic called “8 Steps For Having An Empowered Day” and an interactive flowchart to determine “What Feminist Resolution Should You Make?”

The message of “2017 IRL” is reaching across other platforms. Bustle's “I Want It That Way” podcast published an episode on 2017 sex resolutions, featuring comedian Lane Moore.

The Bustle app will host “2017 IRL” content in the existing “You IRL” vertical, as well.

In 2016, the publication reported its audience grew to 50 million unique readers a month. Video views grew by eight times. Bustle’s revenue tripled this year and its social following doubled.

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