Native Ad Renewals At 33% In 2016

Despite steep advances in the native advertising space, renewal rates for such ads were at 33% in 2016, according to MediaRadar.

Thousands of publishers sold native ad spots in 2016. As users become banner-blind and annoyed at pre-roll ads, novel native advertising initiatives have looked to bridge the gap between secular content and paid or sponsored content (one iteration of native).

“While native is ubiquitous, this does not mean campaign performance is so equally widespread,” Todd Krizelman, MediaRadar CEO told Real-Time Daily via email. “We see and forecast renewal rates on native to polarize. Some publishers are much better implementing and measuring their impact. Strong performance will lift renewal rates for publishers who are consistently showing their advertisers results.”

MediaRadar data showed that 20% of advertisers using native advertising techniques had a renewal rate under 20%. Overall, the average was a 33% renewal rate.

Some publishers, however, had significantly stronger retention rates.

The Atlantic and QZ have consistently strong performance that outstrips so many,” added Krizelman. “The top native sellers win renewal rates between 60%-80%.”

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